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Kid's Club

The Youngsters Club is an important initiative to bring young people closer to golf and to follow them in the refinement and competitive phases

The agonistic and didactic activity is carried out in line with the basic principles of the FIG youth sector, under the guidance of expert professionals

The approach to this sport is playful and concerned with the respect of the "spirit of the game" and of the rules. The course is run by the Federal Master Massimo Mulas, with children aged 6 to 18, with specific activities for each age and level group, in order to favour aggregation, healthy competition and golf culture while supporting the technical and competitive growth of the members

Pre-Competitive Activities BABY COURSE (starters) SATURDAY AFTERNOON 1 hour / week, practice course Under 18 Competitive Activity with HCP or Green Card 1 and half hour / week, practice course WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.