Rules and etiquette

  • Players who interrupt the sequence of the course must give way to all the groups that are properly following it
  • It is recommended not to cause damage to the path during the practice swing; it is imperative to replace the divots, repair the pitch marks and level the bunkers
  • Mobile phones are only allowed in "silent mode", and in any case without disturbing the other players
  • All players are required to dress with dignity at all times. Not admitted garments are: jeans, shorts, bathing suits and beachwear, tracksuits, t-shirts, sleeveless tops, tank tops and flip-flops or thongs
  • It is imperative to go with the golf car on the rough, stand on the same side for the full length of the hole, as indicated on the map; it is forbidden to cross the fairway
  • It is forbidden for players under the age of 18 to use the car