A Par 5 hole, not excessively challenging but demanding a precise tee-shot. Along the fairway, the forest poses a significant challenge. The expansive and slightly elevated green is protected by two cunning bunkers on its right side


A Par 4 hole, characterized by a subtle left dog-leg. The ideal direction for the initial shot is towards the second bunker, situated over 200 meters from the tee


Initially appearing as a straightforward Par 4 hole, this deceivingly challenging course features a grass bunker at 180 meters from the tee and two sand bunkers guarding the green, demanding precision with every shot. The expansive green, covering over 400 square meters, presents an additional challenge with its initial slope


Regarded as the easiest hole on the course, yet not to be taken lightly. The tee shot is frequently affected by the wind, making the choice of the correct iron more challenging


An arduous right dog-leg featuring a bunker at the bend of the hole. Only a precisely placed tee shot affords a clear view of the green. Positioned 80 meters from the green, to the right of the fairway, a prominent tree penalizes less accurate shots


The bunker located in the centre of the fairway, serving as the landing spot for the second shot, stands out as one of the primary challenges of this Par 5 hole, despite the fairway's width. Surrounding the green are some "camel humps," offering potential salvation from misjudgements


Stretching over 190 meters, this Par 3 hole presents a formidable challenge with a green carefully guarded by a treacherous bunker. Punitive forest lines both sides of the fairway, adding to the difficulty


Handicap 1 difficulty for this lengthy par with ample bunkers on either side of the fairway


Another hole of extreme difficulty. With a distance of over 170 meters, players must clear the left bunker and possibly "cut" the hole to avoid facing a nearly prohibitive second shot to the green. The green, though fairly spacious, is guarded by two tricky bunkers — one on the right and the other on the left